xCache2 Features

Torrent caching

xCache is a torrent caching engine that works like web caching engine like squid. When first time any given torrent is downloaded by any user, xCache keeps a copy in the server. Next time any user requests for the same torrent, xCache connects to the user and delivers the cached content.


Saves 30-50% bandwidth cost

xCache brings 30-50% bandwidth savings after implementation. As the time passes, number of cached torrents will increase and provide better hit ratio for torrent downloads.

Internet bandwidth cost is a significant portion of a broadband service provider's cost. Reducing the bandwidth cost will have direct impact on the bottom line of the service provider.


Extremely fast wire speed download

Torrent data that needs to be downloaded resides in the caching engine and is connected to the network at wire speed. Users will experience extremely high speed downloads.

Download speeds of 400 mbps have been recorded in ideal conditions. Download speeds will depend on the health of the local network and capability of the switches and other infrastructure.


Interactive caching – not in the path of Internet

xCache does not require to be on the path to the Internet. Generally caching engines require to be implemented as transparent engines that use internal bridging, eliminating routing. Sometimes, in small networks, caching engine resides in the router (Linux box). These implementations add one more point of failure in the network.


Install xCache anywhere in the network

xCache can reside anywhere in the network as it uses multicast for initial communication. So xCache is not a potential point of failure. Even in the unlikely event of xCache going down, the network is not disturbed as it is not on the path.


Multiple servers working as one caching engine

xCache engine is highly scalable. For adding more caching capacity, simply add additional servers with storage capacity and configure xCache.
It takes care of the rest and adds additional capacity.


Extremely stable as it runs on Linux box.

xCache server runs as cluster of apps and services on a linux box. xCache is an extremely stable product with built-in error recovery mechanisms in place


Cache bridging to share

If two implementations of xCache are near to each other, connecting two implementations will organically become one big cache. This feature can be exploited to connect two networks through xCache engines and share each others caching engine.


Completely unattended. Manual addition of torrents not allowed.

If any disk is nearing 95% of capacity, old and less frequently used torrents are deleted for making space for trending torrents. This process is completely unattended


Control panel statistics

Your cloud based account presents statistics like current number of torrents, total disk space, bandwidth delivered.